Why has my order not shipped out?

Why hasn’t my order shipped out?

If you placed your order and after one business day you notice that the order has not left our facility or you have not received a confirmation email there are a few issues that may have popped up. 
1. Generally most orders that do not leave our facility within one business day have an issue with the address. An automatic email is sent in this instance and the sooner you are able reply to confirm/correct the address the quicker we’re able to have your order shipped.
2. Your order did ship and there is an issue with the email address. This means the email address used during the order placement was incorrect. If you did not receive an initial confirmation email, this may be indicative of this issue and you will also not receive the tracking information until the email is corrected. Be sure to double check your email address!
3. The USPS tracking system is having issues or is down. This may make it look like your package is stuck or you're not able to receive any info from their website. In this case we ask that you please wait until tracking is available again and are able to view the updated status of your package.
For any other questions regarding your order, please contact us at [email protected]

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