Help, my Kendama paint chipped!

My Kendama paint chipped! Is this a defect? Can I have a free one?

We are happy to always replace any products that ARRIVE damaged, or defective. If you think you’ve received a damaged product, please do not play with it, and contact our customer support team immediately so we can help out.  We do NOT cover any damage due to player use. Due to the nature of the game, wear and tear on the Kendama is very normal, especially dents or chips on the paint. The more impact you put on the Kendama, the faster you will chip the paint or scuff the ken. The amount of damage you’ll see on your Kendama is directly related to the way that you play it. Don’t worry too much about keeping the Kendama pristine and clean – it’s meant to be played and enjoyed! In fact, most advanced players prefer a Kendama that has some wear and tear and is broken in nicely.

If you want to slow down the wear and tear, you’ll need to play very carefully, and minimize the impact of the Ken (handle) hitting the Tama (ball). You can do this by bending your knees while playing, and cushioning the ball when you catch it, reducing the impact. Soft hands! When you’re trying new or difficult tricks, try playing over a soft surface like carpet or grass. Dropping your Kendama on concrete is a sure way to cause excessive wear and tear. With practice and proper technique, you can learn to play in a way that extends the life of your Kendama. If it’s your first time playing, it’s important to have reasonable expectations and plan to beat it up a little. No Kendama is bulletproof.

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