My cups came loose, what can I do?

How to fix loose Kendama Cups.

The cup piece (or sarado) coming loose is something that happens normally with all traditionally strung Kendamas. The traditional style Kendama handle is designed to have this piece easily removed, so that you can easily change the string or adjust the length of the spike.

Thankfully there's no need to fear, as this is very normal and easily dealt with. The first step is to press the cups down a little more onto the ken until it feels snug. If it's still slipping off after that, we recommend using a very small amount of super glue where the cups sit on the spike. This holds it in place while still allowing it to be removed by twisting and pulling the cups if the string needs to be replaced. An alternative to superglue is the post-it note trick. If you tear and fold a small piece of the sticky part of a post-it note, and wedge it in the area where the spike meets the cups, this can help hold everything tightly in place.

If you have a Tribute style handle which feels loose, the superglue method also works.  The Tribute style handles are easily recognized by the metal pin running through the middle of the cups, which keeps them permanently attached to the handle.  If you have a Tribute style handle, you can apply a generous amount of superglue, since the cups are fixed in place and designed to never come off.

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