How do I re-string my Kendama?

I want to change my string color or replace a broken string.

Re-stringing is a normal part of Kendama maintenance, and very simple to learn. It’s also very useful when you want to customize your Kendama with a fresh string color, change your setup from right-handed to left-handed, or if your string has become worn out or broken. Knowing how to restring your Kendama is an essential part of any player’s game and will be an invaluable skill to learn.

We provide an extra string for free with most of our Kendamas. Whether you have a Tribute, Kaizen or other traditionally strung Kendama, you can be back up and running in as little as a few minutes. Below you will find links with step by step instructions to restring your Kendama. Choose the video that fits your Kendama handle style, and get back to lacing your tricks!

Kaizen or Traditional Style Ken Handle

Tribute Style Ken Handle

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